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Dry Skin Care Articles

  • The Best Moisturizers: Myth or Medicine?
    Essentially, moisturizers are used to replace natural skin oils to cover tiny fissures in the skin, and to provide a soothing protective film. Thus, evaporation of the skin's moisture is slowed, which helps to improve the appearance and feel of dry and aging skin...

  • Great Skin Care Tips for the Holidays
    Chapped lips are always a problem in the winter as your lips do not have hair follicles or oil glands to protect them like the rest of your skin. Try making moisturizing your lips a part of your regular skin care routine, carry a lip balm or use a lipstick...

  • Moisturizers - An Essential Part of Skin Care
    The era of newer, much more sophisticated moisturizers is upon us where scientifically formulated delivery systems can offer additive benefits of supplementing and modulating skin cells for their optimal function and differentiation...

  • Dry skin - Combating That Winter Itch
    For people suffering from skin conditions like eczema, or psoriasis this can be a time of year spent dealing with skin flare-ups...

  • Fighting Dry Skin - Tips and facts you should know
    Dry skin is a problem not just in the winter with its cold temperatures, and howling winds, but dry skin can come from using harsh cleansers, having too hot a bath or even getting on an airplane...

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