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Ugh, I Have a Hangnail - Tips to Keep Them Away

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Ugh, I Have a Hangnail - Tips to Keep Them Away


We've all had them, a nasty hangnail. They seem to come from nowhere and then you snag them on something and ouch! Hangnails are simply dead skin - skin that's dried out and needs to be cared for. Here are some tips to keep your hands and nails healthy and looking great! For more tips on skin care, go to Skin Care Tips

Prevent Hangnails

Prevent hangnails from appearing. Hangnails are often the result of dry skin. Regularly applying a moisturizer to your nails and fingers can help you nip hangnails in the bud.

Stop biting!

Your mom was right - you should stop biting those hangnails! All too often, you'll end up with unsightly deeper cuts around your fingers that can easily become infected. Try this trick: put on some moisturizer, it will keep your skin soft and the taste should stop you from biting your nails.

Don't poke at them

Don't poke around in the space between your nail and the nail bed. It's easy to enlarge the space between them, making the area more prone to infection. Keeping your nails trimmed neatly and washing your hands thoroughly is all you need to do to keep your nails healthy and looking their best.

Remove them

Have a hangnail? It's easy for that annoying bit of torn skin around your nail to catch on something and become painful. To remove a hangnail without causing further injury, soak your hand in water for a few minutes to soften the skin and then clip the hangnail as short as possible. Don't clip it dry as this may just make your problem worse.

Care for your nails

Looking after your nails couldn't be simpler: all you really need to do is keep them clean, clip them neatly, and regularly use a hand lotion to keep them moisturized and smooth.

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