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Younger, Better Looking Skin - Tips to Keep You on Track


Adults all over the world are thinking about their skin right now! Wrinkles, puffy eyes, dull complexion, are conditions that more than just several of us try to avoid. Here are some hints, and facts to keep your skin looking younger. Read more skin care tips and facts on Daily Skin Care Tips website.

What causes wrinkles?

Most often, they're created by years of unprotected exposure to the sun, combined with each person's unique genetic predisposition. As we age, we also lose subcutaneous fat and our skin becomes thinner - the result is the increasing appearance of wrinkles.

Prevention is your biggest friend

Why use sunscreen? In a word: prevention. Sunscreens prevent sunburns, photodamaged skin (such as brown spots or wrinkles), actinic keratosis and perhaps squamous cell and other skin cancers. Use a moisturizer with sun screen already in it to simplify things and get protection everyday. You can learn more on

One of the best things to do for better skin?

One of the best things you can do to keep your skin looking young is to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. When you don't get enough z's, your cells do not have enough opportunity to repair themselves, leaving you with skin that's aging quicker than it should.

Sleep repairs

Sleep is essential for healthy, radiant skin. When you're sleeping, your body finally has the time to repair itself. If you don't get enough sleep, your skin will begin to appear dull and dry, and your nails will become brittle. For you skin's sake, get your beauty sleep!

Why is the eye area special?

Always wondered why you need a special cream for under your eyes? That skin is structured more delicately then the rest of your face and has less fatty tissue. This causes it to wrinkle faster than the rest of your skin. So remember to gentle apply your eye cream at night.

Get rid of puffy eyes

Some quick hints to decrease puffy eyes in the morning; keep your eye cream in the fridge (the cold helps contract the tissue), use an extra pillow at night to elevate your head (this drains more fluid) and stay hydrated.

Don't let your hands age

Keep your hands looking beautiful by using your exfoliating lotion or face mask weekly on your hands. Keep them covered with gloves in harsh weather or when dealing with any kind of chemical, doing dishes or working in the garden. And of course, don't forget to moisturize and use sunscreen!

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