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Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome

This has also been called Ritter's disease. This condition is caused by a toxin produced by staphylococcus and is similar to that producing bullous impetigo or the toxic shock syndrome. It is usually seen in young children. It is occasionally seen in adults who are immune suppressed or have renal failure.

There are usually associated symptoms such as fatigue, fever and irritability. The skin is very tender. There may be associated runny nose and conjunctivitis. This often starts on the head but then spreads to involve much of the body. The skin develops redness and a wrinkling appearance over soft blisters. Within days these loosen the surface to leave moist open areas. This is followed by scaling and peeling off of the skin. Recovery usually occurs within about two weeks. It is interesting that swabs of the skin are negative for staph aureus. This bacteria can be identified often in the eyes and throat.


If this condition is extensive hospitalization will be required and treatment with systemic antibiotics.

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