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Sensitive Skin: How to Cleanse?

Cleansing can be a challenge for those with sensitive skin or dry skin. While washing and cleansing are necessary and important for proper skincare, it can also dry out or irritate the skin if it is overdone. People with sensitive skin react easily to minor irritants, and unfortunately some soap including the traditional bar soap can contain many of them.

Don't wash too often:

Showering or bathing once a day should be plenty for most people. This may be different for those who work labor jobs in the summer or have a similar circumstance, but for most people that work in a temperature controlled environment, the amount of dirt and dust that is accumulated is limited. Washing too often dries the skin, leaving it prone to irritation and itching. For those with sensitive skin, this effect is amplified.

Don't use hot water


Hot water is rough on the skin, and drains the moisture. Long hot baths get the blood flow going, and also temporarily weakens the barrier of the skin, causing itching and irritation. Use lukewarm water to bathe, or better, shower, and limit your time in the shower. Short, warm washing once a day or once in two days is recommended.

Avoid scented soaps:

Many types of soap contain irritants. Scented soaps are especially problematic for those with sensitive skin. Fragrances are one of the most common ingredients to irritate skin, and they are found in soap as well as other cosmetic products. Use liquid cleansers and mild soaps, preferably ones that are specifically designed for sensitive skin.


Moisturizing is important to prevent dryness of the skin from getting out of hand. Choose moisturizers that are fragrance free. Apply moisturizers after showering or bathing, before you dry off the skin completely. This will ensure that the moisture is locked up.