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Introduction to Skin Cleansers

Cleansing has a long tradition and history. In the modern era, cleansing is thought to play an integral role in general hygiene and disease prevention, but also in overall well being and skin health. The skin is considered to be an organ, playing an important role in the immune function. The surface of the skin comes into contact with various microbes as well as dirt, debris, and general air pollution. The body also releases sebum. Without regular washing, these combine to make an environment that is favorable for microorganisms to proliferate.

Washing with water alone will remove about half of the oil and dirt on the skin. Soaps can help remove the rest of the residual dirt, cleaning the skin much more effectively. This is especially important when using cosmetics. Water will not remove makeup, as they are designed to stay on the skin despite natural oil and sweat. To keep skin healthy, having an effective cleansing routine is very important.

Realted: Mild Cleansers