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Oil Free Cosmetics

Oil-free cosmetics are products that do not contain ingredients which are greasy. Typically, the list of excluded ingredients is: petrolatum, lanolin, stearic acid, and isopropyl esters. Removing these key ingredients reduce the overall oiliness of the product, reducing the chance that it causes the pores to clog.

How do you know which products are oil free?

Check the label. Like non-comedogenic products, the label should clearly state that the product is oil free.

Do these guarantee that it won't induce acne?

Unfortunately, no product is guaranteed to stop acne formation. Like non-comedogenic products, however, these products are designed for those with oily skin, and are less likely to be acne-inducing.

Should I just avoid the use of cosmetics when I have acne?

While it's true that cosmetics can sometimes cause problems, they can also be a blessing. Foundations are often used to cover-up acne, and are useful to cover up acne. As acne medications can take months to take effect, cover-ups are the only effective way to cover up blemishes for social events that come up.

What advice do you have for cover-ups?

Choose oil free foundations if possible Matte or semi-matte foundations are often better for the skin Transparent or sheer foundations cover blackheads best while inflamed pimples require a fuller foundation