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Using Skin Camouflage

Skin camouflage is often under-appreciated by dermatologists, as they don't genuinely treat any blemishes or imperfections, but they serve an important function in cosmetics. They can be applied to hide all sorts of blemishes or pigmentation irregularities. One of the keys to using camouflages is to choose the appropriate colours. Each colour has its strengths and specific use.


Yellow creams reduce darker tones, and fade out purple or blue colours. Bruises, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation are problems that this colour hides.


Green creams are good at neutralizing red. It masks redness, which can commonly occur with broken blood vessels, burns, acne, or rosacea.


Mauve is a lighter colour that fades off darker shades. Lighter shades of dark circles and pigmentation problems are often covered with this colour.


Lavender is good at concealing yellowish bruises. It can also cover light shades of Hyperpigmentation.