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Skin Foundations For Different Skin Types

In choosing skin foundations, you should take your skin type into consideration both for best coverage, and to minimize the chance of unwanted reactions.

Normal/Combination skin

Normal skin is very flexible tolerating all types of cosmetics well. Semi-matte foundations provide adequate coverage, and for those who want more color on their skin, sheer ones are also good choices.

Dry Skin

Oil based foundations provide people with dry skin the best coverage while keeping the skin moist. A thicker coverage can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles for individuals who have this problem.

If your skin is extremely dry, a thicker and oilier soufflé foundation is recommended. If you have wrinkles that you wish to hide, an alternative is to apply a moisturizer beforehand, and then use a lighter foundation afterwards.

Oily or Acne prone skin

Those with oily skin need to watch that the cosmetics they use don't aggravate the acne. Oil-free, matte, or semi-matte foundations are recommended for this skin type. Compared to traditional oil-based foundations, these foundations are less likely to cause irritation and aggravate acne. The drawback, however, is that there is less coverage.

Medicated gels can help control existing acne problems, but these need to be dry off first before foundations or powders are applied.

Acne Scars

Scars are very common, especially in those that have acne. Even mild acne can cause scarring, and these can be difficult to correct, once formed. Silicone or oil based foundations should cover most scars well. It's also important that these be applied without added water.

Surgical Scars

Surgical scars are a common cosmetic problem. This is true for both medical and cosmetic procedures. Cosmetics can help camouflage surgical scars.

The first step is to heal properly from the surgery. Until the skin has healed, and the sutures are removed, cosmetics other than petrolatum should be avoided. Using cosmetics too early can induce irritation and unwanted cysts.

Once the skin has healed properly, foundations can help cover redness or scars. Green foundations are a good choice as redness is the colour that you want to reduce. The foundations should be washed off as soon as it's not required.