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The Truth About Moisturizers for different skin types

Choosing the right skincare product is always a challenge, as there are a ton of products available to choose from, and unfortunately very little unbiased information available. These frequently asked questions about moisturizers can help you sort out the truth about moisturizers.

Are moisturizers just a skincare fad?

While hype and exaggerated advertising are certainly a problem in the skincare industry, moisturizers are an important part of basic skincare. For those with dry skin, or those that have skin problems that cause dryness, they are essential and help improve quality of life.

Is the best moisturizer different for everyone?

Moisturizers vary considerably in quality, but also in consistency and secondary factors like fragrance and look. Knowing your skin type is important, as many moisturizer products are designed with a certain skin type in mind. Those with normal to oily skin should use lighter moisturizers that don't clog the pores.

Are expensive products of higher quality?

Not necessarily. There are both good and bad moisturizers at all price ranges. A better indicator for choosing the appropriate product is what skin type the product is designed for. Moisturizers should be used regularly, so you should be looking for a price range that you would be comfortable using daily.

What kind of moisturizers should I use for my son who has eczema?

Eczema is a chronic condition and requires daily maintenance to control the eczema. Stronger moisturizers should be used on a daily basis on the affected area. Moisturizers help alleviate dry skin, and prevent flares-when the eczema quickly becomes worse--from occurring. Moisturizers also work well with medication and are useful during flares.

Are moisturizers helpful for those with oily skin?

Moisturizers are helpful for all skin types. The trouble for all those with oily skin is that thick greasy moisturizers can sometimes trigger acne in those with oily skin. People with an oily skin type should use a lighter moisturizer to minimize the chance of this, and apply on areas of the skin that are drier.

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