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Sunscreens Overview

Sun damage is a significant danger to the skin, both for medical and cosmetic reasons. While dermatologists and various non-profit organizations have been speaking loudly about the dangers of sun exposure for decades now, the public still lags behind in awareness.
In a survey, 70% of those on the beach were there, primarily to get a sun tan, and only half of those who were there were wearing any sunscreen.

It's important to note that sunscreens are only one way to reduce the amount of sun exposure. Avoiding sun is still the best way to minimize sun exposure and damage. Many people believe that sunscreens allow then to safely acquire a suntan; this is not true. Tans are the result of sun damage, and the body's way of protecting the skin from further damage.

The following are some good reasons to apply sunscreen:

  • Prevents painful sunburns
  • Reduces the chances of getting skin cancers
  • Prevents photodamage like hyperpigmentation, wrinkling
  • Prevents pre-cancerous conditions like actinic keratosis
  • Essential for those with skin problems like Rosacea

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