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Treating Enlarged Pores

Treating Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores - What are they?

Many patients complain of enlarged pores. That refers to pores that they can see when they look at their skin. What is a pore? A pore is a little opening in the skin where the oil gland and a tiny hair come out.

Impact on the patient

When a pore looks large to a patient, it makes their skin look less smooth and less youthful than a patient whose follicular openings are actually quite small.

How to treat them?

Treating large pores can be difficult and can require many treatments together. One would be an aggressive skincare regimen that uses a vitamin A cream. Your dermatologist can prescribe a vitamin A cream, and that can help the appearance of the large pores. You may also need to use laser or energy-based treatments that can smooth the skin and make the appearance of pores look smaller.