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Flat and Skinny Lips - Overview

Treating Flat and Skinny Lips

Flat and Skinny Lips - What people have them?

Many patients complain of flat and skinny lips. This can happen with aging because the volume is lost over time, or some patients are just born with flat and skinny lips.

Impact on the patient

As part of the overall facial aesthetic or facial beauty, the face should be in balance. If the lips are too thin, it can make a patient look less attractive or even older than they actually are.

How to treat them?

There is a good number of treatments that are available for flat and skinny lips, but the most effective treatment for most patients is with a soft tissue filler.

A gel type filler can be injected around the lip, or right in the lip, to slightly increase the size or change the shape of the lip.

Some patients also use a little bit of treatment called botulinum. You may have heard of Botox or Xeomin.

When used in a tiny dose around the lip, it can help the fine lines that were around the lip, and also increase the size just slightly, in a very natural looking way.