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Skin Folds Treatment

Treating Skin Folds

What are skin folds?

Some patients complain about skin folds that they develop on their face. Around the smile lines and coming down into the chin. They develop over time with natural aging. With age, patients lose fat or volume from their face, their bone is actually resorped, so it doesn't hold the face up as well and the integrity of the skin-just how smooth and tight the skin is-and one of the results of all this are folds.

What are the treatments?

The recommended treatment would depend on the individual patient's presentation. Your cosmetic dermatologist or surgeon can review those options for you.

On one end of the spectrum you can consider a surgical correction like a facelift to address the folds. On the other hand, there are less invasive options like soft tissue fillers that can be injected into the face to restore volume, and to lift the skin and soften the appearance of the folds.