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Frown Lines overview

Treating Frown Lines

Frown Lines - What are they?

Frown lines are creases that develop between the eyebrows. They develop over time when the frowning motion is made.

You may not know but many patients frown as a sign that they're listening or paying attention. It doesn't always mean that they are unhappy.

Impact on patients

However, the impact on a patient who has deep frown lines is that other people do perceive them as being unhappy, disapproving or even tired so it can make a real impact to the way they interact with other people if they have their frown lines treated.

How to treat frown lines?

There are different ways to treat frown lines but by far the most effective way is with an injectable treatment.

You may have heard of botulinum. Some of the brand names are Botox, Xeomin or Dysport.This treatment is delivered with a small injection into the muscles that make the frown lines and over a period of one to two weeks, the frown lines soften.

Some patients may also require some soft tissue filler into the frown lines if they are particularly deep.