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Sculptra Treatment Overview

Sculptra Treatment - Overview

Sculptra: What is the procedure?

Sculptra is a soft tissue filler that's different from gel fillers because it stimulates natural collagen. It's a very liquidy filler. It is injected under the skin and over a period of one to two months after treatment, the patient actually generates their own collagen. The result is a soft and natural looking filling effect and also has a lifting effect.

What is it used for?

Sculptra is used to address some of the signs of facial aging. It can lift the face along the sides of the face and the cheek, and it can soften the creases and the folds and results in an overall more youthful or refreshed appearance.

The Recovery Time

Recovery from an injection of Sculptra is usually very simple for most patients. They could expect a day or two with a little bit of swelling. Some patients develop bruising. This would be expected to resolve within a few days up to two weeks at the most, and then patients really just need to wait one to two months until they see the new collagen forming.

Most patients who have Sculptra have a series of treatments. They may have two, three, even four injection sessions separated a month apart. Someone might choose Sculptra over other treatment options because the results are very gradual and natural looking. You can also treat many areas of the face in one treatment.

The cost of the procedure

The cost of Sculptra would depend on how much you're having injected--this is typically measured by the vile. It also depends on who is doing the injections for you. It could range anywhere from seven hundred to several thousand dollars.