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Silicone Oil Treatment

Silicone Oil Treatment - What is it? An Overview.

What is silicon oil, and what can it be used for?

Silicone oil is a substance that is actually used commonly in eye surgery but in dermatology, we use it in off label manner - that means the physician uses it for something other than what it was originally intended.

We can use silicone oil as a permanent injectable filler. The typical areas that we would choose silicone oil for would be real loss of fat in the cheek--something called lipoatrophy, but we also use it to address scars, acne scarring, and changes in the contour of the face.

What skin concerns could be addressed?

Silicone oil can be used in two major categories. First of all, it can be used to treat lipoatrophy-- loss of fat from the face, providing a permanent correction. It can also be used for acne scarring or other scars on the face.

Results and expectations

Results from silicone oil are gradual over time. Tiny micro droplets of this purified filler are injected into the skin, and gradually your own body makes a capsule of collagen around the silicone oil.

The treatment is done as a series, approximately four to six weeks apart, and depending on the area that's being treated and how severe the presentation is, the patient would require between three to eight treatments a month apart. After the treatments are done there's gradual improvement over a period of time.

The Recovery

Following injections of silicone oil into the face, patients can expect a little bit of swelling and even some bruising so it can take a few days to recover. On the day of treatment, we ask that patients avoid exercise and alcohol. Those two things can help ensure that the swelling and bruising risks are kept to a minimum.

The Cost

The cost of a silicone oil treatment would depend on how much was being injected, and who is doing the injections for you. It may range anywhere from eight hundred to several thousand dollars.