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Treating Sun Damaged Skin

Treating Sun Damaged Skin

Sun-damaged Skin - What is it?

Many patients show a lifetime of sun exposure on their skin. It may present as brown spots, fine or deep wrinkles, red or blotchy uneven pigmentation, or an overall dull complexion.

Treatment Options

The cornerstone of treating a patient with sun-damaged skin is to minimize sun exposure moving forward. We have really good evidence that if patients avoid the sun regardless of their age, it will minimize their subsequent skin cancer risk, and it will also minimize the aging effects of the sun.

In terms of actual treatment, it's important to get on a good anti-aging skincare regimen. Vitamin A prescriptions are the cornerstone treatment. Other treatments that can be considered for sun damage of the face would be laser or energy based treatments that can even out the skin tone, colour, and make the skin look more youthful, smooth, and brighter.