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Treating Sunken Cheeks

Treating Sunken Cheeks

What are sunken cheeks?

Some patients complain of sunken cheeks. Sunken cheeks can really happen for two reasons. One would be excessive weight loss, but a far more common reason would be natural changes of aging.

When patients age many of them lose volume from the face. They lose volume because the fat is reabsorbed, but they also lose volume because the bones of the face slowly shrink over time. The result for many patients is a sunken look that happens through the middle of the cheek.

Treatment Options

There are a number of treatments for sunken cheeks. One of the most popular non-invasive methods that produce results right away is soft tissue fillers.

You can take volume in a filler, and restore it to the area of the face where used to be present. The result is a smoother look over the cheek, actually lifting the whole face.