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Ulthera Treatment Overview

Ulthera Treatment Overview

What is Ulthera and how does it work?

Ulthera is a new exciting treatment that actually lifts the skin of the face. It uses a technology called ultrasound, which when it's focused, a powerful energy is delivered into the supportive connective tissue of the face.

When you put that energy into supporting connective tissue, the collagen remodels and the result over a period of 3 to 6 months is that there is a subtle lifting effect on the face.

What does it treat?

Ulthera can address very early skin laxity--areas where there is extra skin or a little bit of grouping or sagging.

Some classic areas would be the eyebrow, particularly the edge of the eyebrow-if it's come down over time--you get a bit of a lift with the Ulthrea. It can also be used to treat the lower face and give an uplift to those tissues.

Another popular area for patients is right under the chin; if they have a bit of sagging there, it can be used to tighten that up and similarly to smooth out crepey skin on the neck.

It's important though that Ulthera would not be the right treat for patients with a lot of extra skin. Those patients would require a surgical correction.

Expectations and Results

After a treatment with Ultherapy, a patient can expect gradual results over a period of 3 to 6 months in the area that was treated. They'll notice a subtle uplifting of the skin--it will look a little bit tighter and a little bit smoother.

Cost of Treament

The Ulthera treatment costs can vary significantly depending on the area that's being treated and which physician you choose to do the treatment for you. It could range from a thousand dollars to several thousand dollars.

Recovery process

Treatment with Ulthera does have some discomfort associated with it so you want to make sure you discuss that with your physician before the treatment. They can discuss ways to make you comfortable during the treatment.

After the treatment, many patients can experience some mild side effects: These may be swelling, uncommonly bruising can occur, and occasionally there are some changes in sensation the skin where the Ulthera was applied; it may feel a little bit numb. It's important that you bring any of those side effects to the attention of your physician.

Most patients recover quickly after a treatment with Ultherapy.