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Treatment of Under Eye Hollows

Under Eye Hollows - Overview

What are Under Eye Hollows?

Under eye hollows are a very common complaint that patients have. Under eye hollows can develop for a number of different reasons. For many patients, it's just one of those natural signs of aging. When they lose volume under the eye the result could be a hollow that we sometimes refer to as the tear trough.

In other patients there can be different contributing factors. They may have an increased pigmentation in that area, and also the skin is very thin and you can see the muscles and blood vessels showing through.

All of those things: Loss of volume, increased pigmentation, and thin skin contribute to a hollowing look under the eyes. Most patients really don't like they're under eye hollows because it makes them look tired all the time.

Treatment Options

One of the most popular treatments for under eye hollows is soft tissue filler. We can actually take a gel and inject it right into the under eye area to smooth out the hollow. The result is a much more refreshed looking appearance.