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Xeomin Treatment Overview

Xeomin Cosmetic - Treatment Overview

What is Xeomin?

Xeomin Cosmetic is protein injected with a tiny needle into some of the muscles of facial expression. It leads to relaxation of those muscles and in turn, a softening of those wrinkles. Some typical areas that might be treated would be the frown lines or Crow's Feet.

What is it used for?

Xeomin Cosmetic can be used to treat what we call dynamic wrinkles; these are wrinkles that come from facial expression. The classic areas that can be treated are the Frown Line and Crow's Feet that come around the eyes when you smile, and even Horizontal Forehead Lines-the lines that come up when you raise your eyebrows up.

An expert injector may offer you other treatment areas, for example, creases that come around the mouth, or even the muscles that turn down the corners of the lips.


After an injection with Xeomin Cosmetic, patients will notice results over the following one to two weeks. They'll see a softening of the wrinkles in the areas that have been treated, and in some cases they may go away altogether. This will last for anywhere between two to six months depending on the areas that were treated. The classic area would be the Frown Lines, and a treatment to the frown lines should last between three and four months.

The Recovery

Most patients recover easily after an injection of Xeomin Cosmetic. We do ask that they remain upright-don't lie down for several hours after the treatment. We also ask that they don't use excessive massage or touching in that area for a few hours after their treatment, but other than that, there are really no restrictions on a patient's ability to function after they have had their treatment.

How much does it cost?

The treatment of Xeomin Cosmetic can range depending on how much is being used, and we measure that in something called units, but also, how many areas that are being injected, and who's doing the treatment for you. The range may be anywhere from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.